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faerie magic

Faerie magic.

I went for a walk through the tall tall pines yesterday...and a grove of hawthorn trees - more hawthorn trees than I've ever seen in one spot. It was magical and glorious. Hawthorn is great heart medicine, both physically and emotionally, and I was able to gather quite a lot of berries. These berries will be made into a tincture (there's tincture available on the website from last year's harvest, if you'd like some).

While walking through the woods, I heard the trickling of a stream. So I decided to follow follow the sound (see my stories for a peaceful clip of the stream) and came across this faerie garden - just sitting there in the middle of the woods. It was such a welcome little surprise. I could tell it's been added to, over time - people bringing their offerings to the fae folk. Whether or not you believe in faeries or magic is irrelevant when you come across something like this in the middle of the forest. You feel the magic. And you're a child again, if only for a moment. Magic is all around us.

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