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gone foraging...

Gone foraging...

I've been quiet on here for a while. My mom got incredibly sick a few months ago and passed away in August. Since then, my life has been a mess of sorting; both her things and my emotions. I spent a few weeks in VA but now I'm back in Montana, gearing up for Winter.

Everyone seems to think that once summer is over, the work of an herbalist is over, but now is when we gather medicine for the Winter months. On my list for today...blue elderberries (pictured), rosehips, and yellow dock root. I also happened upon a lovely pine who was willing to share some resin with me. Pine resin makes for a nice pain reliever but is also nice to rub on a congested chest.

It's cold and windy in the mountains today but the medicine must be gathered. So I push through, gathering the gifts of the plant people. 🌳🌿🌲🌱🌾

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