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i wish you could smell this

I was going to tell you that Douglas Fir is my favorite, but picking a favorite plant is like picking a favorite child or a favorite song; they're all my favorite, depending on which one I'm with at the time. 💚

But this beauty is an old friend. She stands tall and strong as she sways gently with the wind. She reminds us to stand firm and to hold our ground, but also to be easy, allowing the winds of life to blow through us and around us. She whispers her love gently into the breeze.

Her branches have this sweet citrusy & woodsy scent. When they're infused into oil, the result is a glorious, sweetly scented oil that is helpful in relieving joint pain or can help heal scrapes, burns & scar tissue. When infused into alcohol for a tincture, she's helpful in soothing anxiety & promoting a feeling of overall wellbeing. A tincture or tea made with her needles is high in Vitamin C, is helpful with respiratory issues and boosts the immune system.

You can find her in our breast massage oil, as well as some new offerings that will be available after the first of the year.

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