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i'm in love

I'm in love.

In love with resin. In love with trees and their gifts & wisdom, in general.

While I was on my hike through the forest a few days ago, I decided to take a break & sit at the base of a huge pine tree. I sat there for a while and just listened to the quiet; to the wind, to the wildlife around me. When I got up, I noticed there was quite a lot of resin build up on this tough old pine. So I asked, and then collected a bit of resin. It's like receiving a treasured keepsake from an old friend.

The scent is amazing and pine resin can be infused into oils for salves. Resin is not something that I typically collect a lot of because I would never want to harm a tree by taking it. This oil will go into a pain relief salve for us and I'll probably open up sales on a very limited basis.

If you're interested in some of this precious salve, let me know either in the comments or message me and I'll put you on the list.

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