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my morning walk

I went for a walk this morning; which was really just an excuse for collecting some fall leaves & twigs for something I'm working on - which is going to be amazing 😊 

The clouds were hanging low, high up in the mountains. The forest floor was damp. The air crisp & cool. 

While walking through the trees, stripped of their leaves, I noticed so much usnea starting to grow. Lots of lichen covering the branches & thousands of little "beards" of usnea hanging alongside it. As winter sets in, the usnea will continue to grow & get longer. It's such a fun sight. 

Usnea is antiviral and antibacterial so it's a great ally to have on your side during these months. I've already gathered quite a bit for tincturing and will go back out in a week or so to gather more. 

I miss feeling the warm sun on my skin, but I love these cooler months, as they bring about change & challenge us to stay creative with ways to entertain ourselves. I've got a long list of projects & creative things, a stack of books & a crocheted blanket in progress...And of course lots of offerings & medicine to make. 

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