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nettles are up!!

Nettles are up!! 🌱

I love this time of year; when the sun comes out, the days are warmer...and longer...and the sweet green leaves of plants start making their appearances.

I went for a walk through the woods this morning and found a patch of nettles. It was a small-ish patch but I was able to harvest enough to make some pesto.

But nettle isn't just good for pesto. We use it in our nourishing herbal infusions several times a week. We make (and sell) a lovely tincture, and many of our skin care products contain nettle infused oils & extracts.

The benefits of nettles, used both internally & topically are vast. I personally love this wonderful ally. She's sweet, giving and nurturing....and a little bit savage if you rub her the wrong way. Kind of reminds me of...me 😄

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