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these woods are full of medicine

"These woods are full of medicine"

....I said to her as she peeked into by baskets, while walking by. I rarely run into anyone while I'm on my forest walks. I generally go out of my way to try to go to the most secluded places. I do this for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that I'd rather be alone with nature.

But she was coming my way, so I holstered my pruners and sort of sheepishly moved my baskets and my big ol' 2ft pruners off of the path. She peeked in as she was walking by, so I did what any self respecting herbalist would do....I told her about the medicine in these woods.😄

I halfway expected her to just keep walking (away from the weird lady with baskets of berries and giant pruners, harvesting in the windy, bitter cold with snow pelting her in the face), but she stopped. Her eyes lit up and she said "Yeah?!?" So I pointed out all of the elderberry and rowan trees, along with all of the rosehips on bushes along the water. She exclaimed that she had no idea that these things could be used for medicine, so of course, I took that opportunity to tell her how nature provides in the Fall, what we'll need for the Winter, and I emptied my pockets of Usnea and pine resin to show off the rest of my collection. 🤓

In those baskets (and my pockets), I gathered medicine that is high in vitamin C, that is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, fever reducer & pain reliever....all of the things we'll be reaching for once the days are darker & shorter and the cold sets in.

Today might have been the last good foraging day of the season. We'll see. We woke up to crazy blustery wind and snow this morning. I'm hoping to get back out a few more days but we're stocked up on winter medicine this year. All of these lovelies, along with fire cider, will be stocked back up on the website soon.

Oh...and check out this sweet tree trunk wrapped around the rock 💚

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