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This is so special...and it's almost gone.

This is so special...and it's almost gone.

I just strained out the last batch of our breast massage oil until next year. During the spring, I gathered cleavers, dandelions, douglas fir needles, pine resin and red clover, and blended them with calendula, chamomile & rosehips from previous harvests. This batch has been infusing since spring and it is amazing.

Many of the things we offer are made in limited quantities because of the nature of what we do. When I go out into the forests & meadows, I take only what I need, careful not to over harvest. Sometimes there's an abundance, sometimes there isn't.

This breast message oil was created to support a healthy relationship with your breasts, through all phases of your life; whether you've got tender breasts during your moon time, itchy breasts during menopause or if you simply want to maintain healthy breasts and promote a healthy lymphatic system.

You can find it on our website (link in bio) under Herbal Craft Series. **and a special shout out to our mullein smudge sticks (available in the same spot) - this is my very favorite bundle for smudging & clearing energy. There are only a handful of these left too.

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