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it's a new year and the winds of change are blowing again

Every so often, the winds of change blow in our lives and shake shit up a bit....and I absolutely love it.  :)  Change excites me.  Some people fear change and resist it.  Not me.  I often run forward, smashing into it.  Sometimes I come away bruised and dusty with my hair all a mess but truthfully, I love every minute of it.  Without change, we're stagnant and that's boring.

So with the new year, we're seeing some changes.  I'll be adding a new line of herbal salves, healing balms and infusions.  I've always been drawn to infusions and herbal concoctions but since I started working with cannabis for our cannaSalve a few years ago, I've grown to really love the process + the benefits of herbal infusions are hard to beat, so I've decided to go with it and add them to our line.  

On a more personal note, some things have been really tugging at me over the past few years so I've finally started to listen - *really* listen - to my own intuition, my own self.  I am ALL about authenticity and being true to yourself.  In this business (and I'm certain many others), it can be very difficult to keep up with industry standards and what you're "supposed" to do.  How many blog posts are you supposed to write and how often?  What about twitter?  Instagram; 2-3 post per day?  Facebook?  It's maddening, time consuming and soul-sucking.  Who has time to actually live when you're doing all of these things?  Not me, and I'm done with it.  I've tried to keep up with it all because that's what industry leaders and consultants tell me I'm supposed to do.  Well you know what?  They can suck it.  lol  The current plan is to stick with Instagram.  Why?  Because I like pictures.  lol  FB is stagnant, so it'll go away.  I think if I keep Twitter, it'll just be for my own entertainment and I'll change the handle to something more personal.  Blog posts will come when I'm moved to share something...and it won't necessarily be business or product related.  Maybe it'll just be an idea that I think might be useful.  Who knows?  Instagram will probably come in spurts - like most of what I do in life.  You can find me here.

So what have I been doing with all of my extra time since I cut out most social media?  I've been living!  lol  My partner Frank and I have been adding to our recording studio set-up and have been working on a new music project and planning others.  I've been painting, which is an old love of mine and that has been lovely.  I've even started selling some of my work.  I've been reading, spending time with my chosen family and just enjoying the simplicity of it all.

Some other exciting changes are coming this year but I'll save those things for another post, a little further down the line.  Until then, I encourage you to be true to yourself.  Be authentic.  Live simply and be happy.

So much love,

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