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coconut & shea body scrub | vegan | plant based skin care

coconut & shea body scrub

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Born from our dislike of oily scrubs, our Coconut & Shea Body Scrub is a creamy blend of herb infused plant oils that turns into lotion when applied to wet skin.  It gently exfoliates, then rinses clean - leaving your skin soft, smooth & hydrated.  Each lightly scented scrub features its own blend of herb infused oils, essential oils and botanical powders. *see scent descriptions below for details on herbal infusions.

4.5 oz / 135 ml

Lavender & Lemon - an uplifting blend of lavender & citrus oils with a touch of vanilla infusion.  Oils are infused with lavender, nettle, rosehip & calendula
Citrus & May Chang - a blend of light & airy citrus oils and May Chang (an evergreen shrub with a deep citrus scent).  Oils are infused with calendula, lemon balm & lemon peel
Patchouli & Anise - an intoxicating blend of grounding patchouli, sweet anise and vanilla infusion.  Oils are infused with tulsi (holy basil)
*see the ingredient tab for full ingredient lists for each scent


cane sugar, coconut oil*, shea butter**, herb infused grapeseed oil*, emulsifying wax (vegetable based), bilberry extract, sugar cane extract, sugar maple extract, essential oil blend (see below for details)

*organic     **Fair Trade

contains herbs that have been wild harvested by us

We infuse our oils in-house with organic & wild crafted herbs & flowers from sources that we trust; grown and foraged locally or regionally, when possible.
lavender & lemon blend *uplifting* - lavender, lemon, lemongrass, blood orange, white grapefruit, vanilla - with lavender  & citrus powders.  Oils infused with lavender, nettle, rosehip and calendula
citrus & may chang blend *light & airy* - white grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, may chang - with citrus powders.  Oils infused with calendula, lemon balm & lemon peel
patchouli & anise blend *grounding* - patchouli, anise, vanilla bean & tulsi (holy basil) oil infusion

how to use

Apply to wet skin, massage in a circular motion then rinse with warm water

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