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natural aluminum-free deodorant - vegan organic

aluminum-free deodorant spray

$ 8.00


Don't want stinky pits?  We've got you covered.  Our aluminum-free deodorant spray safely combats odor-causing bacteria and allows your underarms to breathe, keeping you feeling & smelling fresh all day.  Blended with soothing antibacterial infusions of calendula and chamomile.

4 oz  / 120 ml - Unscented

herbs of note:  calendula, chamomile  *see our ingredient page for details on all of our ingredients


organic grain alcohol, purified water, calendula extract*, chamomile extract*, aloe*, Himalayan pink salt


We create our extracts in-house with organic & wild crafted herbs & flowers from sources that we trust; grown and foraged locally or regionally, when possible

how to use

Spray 3-4 times under each arm and you're all set.  If you shave your armpits, you may notice a slight tingling sensation for a few seconds.  It's not bad.

**If you're coming from using an aluminum-based deodorant (or even some of the natural deodorant pastes with baking soda), you may experience a bit of an adjustment period as the pH of your underarms regulates and gets back to normal.  Stick with it, you'll thank us.

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