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mullein smudge sticks

mullein smudge sticks

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I don't consider myself to be very *woo* but I do believe in energy, and negative energy is just bad for everything...so we clear negative energy with cleansing smoke.  Science tells us that smoke can be used to cleanse the air as well, so we also make sure to have a cleansing smudge stick around when dealing with airborne illnesses.

These smudge sticks are made with locally wildcrafted mullein, pineapple weed (wild chamomile), and yarrow, which are all wonderful herbs for supporting a healthy home or office...and they smell fantastic when burning.

When to smudge:

  • when you move into a new home or office
  • yourself, when you start a new job or journey
  • before meditation or yoga
  • after an argument or tense situation
  • when someone has been sick
  • anytime you damn well please


mullein, pineapple weed (wild chamomile), yarrow

these herbs have been wild harvested by us

how to use

  • Be sure to have a clean smudge pot or small heatproof dish to catch any ash that may fall. 
  • Hold a flame to your smudge stick until it begins to smoke.  If it catches, gently blow the flame out.  Be careful when blowing as to not blow any lit material onto flammable items. 
  • If you're clearing a room, walk around and guide the smoke around the room, by either blowing or using your hand to guide the smoke.  Be sure to get all corners of the room, doorways and shadow spaces. 
  • If you're cleansing yourself, guide the smoke over your body starting from the bottom up, then back down again.  It's helpful to imagine the smoke taking negative energy with it as it dissipates. 
  • When you're finished, make sure your herbs have completely extinguished.  You can do this by pressing them against your heatproof dish or with a dash of water.  
  • Once you've gotten to the end of your smudge stick, you can bury it in your garden, if you choose, to complete the cycle and give the herbs back to the earth.

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