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immune boost

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This tea is a powerhouse of immune boosting plant allies.  Our delicious blend of elderberry, nettle, lemon verbena, lemon balm, mint leaves and lemongrass brings antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antiviral properties, aids digestion, promotes relaxation and is just an all-around great tea.

1 oz (12+ servings *see "how to use")
2 oz (24+ servings *see "how to use")

*Some herbs are very light weight so it's important to note the number of servings.  Good teas can be steeped at least twice, so 1 oz of this blend will give you at least 24 servings if you steep twice; 2 oz would give you 48 servings.


peppermint*, lemongrass*, spearmint*, lemon verbena, elderberries*, lemon balm*, nettle*


contains herbs that have been wild harvested by us

how to use

How you make your tea is a very personal thing.  We do find, though, that certain things work better for certain teas.  Our recommendation for preparing our immune boost tea is to bring 8-10 oz of filtered water to 160°, pour it over 1 tablespoon of tea leaves, and let it steep for 3-4 minutes, then strain.  

*Quality teas can typically be steeped 2-3 times

Our favorite way to make tea is in a small french press.  Reusable tea bags, tea balls and tea strainers are also great for loose teas.

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