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peppermint tea

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Who doesn't love a cup of peppermint tea?  We can't think of anyone.  It's a lovely mood booster and promotes relaxation.  How does it do that?!  Magic!  Peppermint aids digestion, is anti inflammatory, and helps ease stomach discomfort, nausea & menstrual cramps.

1 oz (12+ servings *see "how to use")
2 oz (24+ servings *see "how to use")

*Some herbs are very light weight so it's important to note the number of servings.  Good teas can be steeped at least twice, so 1 oz of this blend will give you at least 24 servings if you steep twice; 2 oz would give you 48 servings.


organic peppermint leaves

how to use

How you make your tea is a very personal thing.  We do find, though, that certain things work better for certain teas.  Our recommendation for preparing peppermint tea is to bring 8-10 oz of filtered water to 160°, pour it over 1 tablespoon of tea leaves, and let it steep for 3-4 minutes, then strain. Peppermint is great when added to other teas as well.  We encourage you to experiment

*Quality teas can typically be steeped 2-3 times

Our favorite way to make tea is in a small french press.  Reusable tea bags, tea balls and tea strainers are also great for loose teas.

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