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meet the maker

It occurs to me as I'm writing this new "meet the maker" page that I currently have zero decent photos of me that are worthy of putting on here.  All of my photos are either of me making a goofy face, car selfies or shots of me in various stages of hair coloring, either with a shower cap on my head or my brightly colored hair standing up all over the place. Come to think of it, all of those represent me quite well...lol  

But this is the page where I tell you about myself and why I do what I do.  I'm Angela; a maker, tree hugger, progressive, plant eating nerd who loves yoga, reading and listening to music.  I have a serious case of wanderlust which is encouraged & shared by my kindhearted partner Frank.  We live in Seattle - relocated from beautiful Southwest VA, where I grew up.  I spent 14 years living in Nashville, TN, which was lovely but we're thrilled to be here in the stunningly beautiful Pacific NW.

I've always been a maker - I've always had a creative side.  When I was a little girl, I would make soap with my Granny Lil (whom the company is named after) and I would pick various herbs and flowers and make tinctures and "perfumes" out of them.  You could often find me mixing and experimenting outside - much to the dismay of my mother when she found me one day with all of the buds from her 3 rhododendron bushes all piled up, ready for experiments.  

These days, my experiments are a bit more successful and have lead me to this wonderful lifestyle where I create really great skin care products out of natural & organic ingredients.  I started this journey in 2004 when I was living in Nashville.  I had very sensitive skin and had been looking for good, *clean* skin care products that were free from parabens, synthetic detergents, silicone and synthetic fragrances.  Back then, this was nearly impossible.  I started doing some research and learning about various oils, herbs and essential oils.  Before I knew it, I had made my first moisturizer and was hooked.  Over the next few years, I continued my skin care education and research and in 2007, I opened up shop.  These days, decent natural skin care is a bit easier to come by but I'm sad to say that I'm noticing a trend of incomplete ingredient lists and dishonest "green washing" by some "natural" companies.  This is disheartening but it just drives my commitment to bring honest products to my customers and to help educate when I can.  If you ever have a question about any product - ours or anyone else's, I can promise to give you an honest opinion and assessment of the ingredient list - just shoot me an email at angela@lillianorganics.com and I'll be happy to help.

When I'm not working or experimenting with new ingredients, you can usually find me hanging out listening to music or reading with a glass of iced yerba mate.  You might find me in front of my easel with a paint brush in my hand, or it's possible that you'll find me writing & producing music in our new home studio.  In the Fall, I tend to crochet blankets - because it makes me feel cozy.  The bottom line seems to be that I love creating things.  I love being a maker and I'm thrilled to share at least some of that with my customers.



and just for fun....here are some of those photos  :)