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I often refer to myself as an eclectic, creative, plant eating, tree-hugging dirt-worshiper.  I live in Missoula, Montana with my partner Frank.  I grew up in the mountain town of Roanoke in Southwest Virginia and we've spent many years floating around the south and the Pacific Northwest.  We find it exciting to travel & move around but think that maybe (just maybe) we've found our forever home among the beautiful mountains of Montana.

I've always been a maker, I've always had a creative side and I've always been a forager.  When I was a young girl, I learned about herbalism from my granny Lil (whom the company is named after) and I would pick various herbs and flowers and make tinctures, infusions, teas and decoctions out of them.  Granny taught me about beneficial herbs & plants that are native to the area where I was raised.  She planted the seed of belief that this precious earth of ours holds everything we need to nourish and heal ourselves within its soil, roots, bark, leaves and fruits.  Of course, this knowledge that was passed to me had been passed down for generations.  This herbal wisdom runs deep within my veins.

My journey with Lillian Organics started in 2004.  I saw a need for truly plant-based, ethical brands and knew that I had the knowledge and ability to create something special, so I started compiling research, developing products, and selling those products on a part-time basis. In 2007, I started working for myself full-time and it's been an amazing journey.  The products that we create here are special.  They're well-thought-out and carefully created with cold pressed oils, herbal/floral infusions, and wisdom.

When I'm not working, you can typically find me reading, listening to music, wandering through the forest, or soaking up information from any number of sources.  I enjoy a glass of iced tea (you should check out our hand-blended teas) or a cold beer from one of our local breweries.  You might find me in front of my easel with a paint brush in my hand or writing & producing music in our home studio with Frank.  There's never a lack of kombucha brewing and infusions & tinctures going, or something delicious cooking in our kitchen at home.  In Autumn, I tend to crochet blankets because it's meditative and makes me feel cozy. 

The bottom line is that I love to create things...to compile ideas & thoughts and put them to action.  I love being a maker and I love being able to share that with our customers, our friends.