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cannaSalve reviews

 I just received this salve and already I LOVE IT! I have had a great deal of leg pain and nothing has helped. The pain stopped within a minute of applying it. I'm planning to order another one for another family member. Thanks so much for a great product!


I have neuropathy in my toes and upper feet. This is due to Fibromyalgia. My RX pain pills do nothing to help relieve the pain & discomfort in my feet. But this product DID!!! Within 10-15 mins. of applying a small amount, the pain went away. I am able to sleep through the night. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. My Dr. said I could try another RX. But then I showed him this salve. He agreed that if it works, keep using it!!


Oh Lord have mercy it works!! You rub it on (it smells great!) and within 60 seconds the pain is gone. Lasts for hours. This stuff is a miracle.


Works wonders for the pain I have in my knee and leg from surgery. Love this salve. Little goes a long way!


I love this stuff!! Used it as soon as I got it. I have psoriatic arthritis and my knees are really bad. AS SOON AS I put it on the pain went away. Will order again.


Love this. Smell is wonderful. Working well for my psoriasis.


I just opened the pkg and I love the scent already! I figured I'd give this a try since I have a plate in my leg from a knee injury, and I have constant pain from it(part of my shin was removed to open knee back up.) nothing has helped with the pain and I have done icing, pain meds after surgery, etc etc. I stand all day at work as well. As soon as I massaged this in(from knee to ankle) the pain IMMEDIATELY went away! I can't believe how quickly this worked! If I don't have to take aleve, or Tylenol or anything I will be so happy! TY for this product!!


I love this salve. I use it everyday. I think my skin craves it. Especially in the high plains desert climate I live in.


I suffer from Trigemenal Neuralgia, a very painful condition. The soap allows me to wash my face without all the pain I usually get from just touching my face. I also use their salve and for the nerve clusters close to the surface, It eliminates the pain within a minute. I highly recommend these products.


I l love this salve! It has taken away my dermatitis! Thank you!


Honestly this stuff is amazing, because of Lyme disease I'm in constant pain, especially in my back. Most of the time it's the only thing that gives me relief, any other pain cream is a waste of money compared to this. You won't be entirely pain free but it takes away the sensation of constant aching pain that makes it impossible to find a comfortable position or think about anything but that pain. Totally worth the cost for me!


It is almost instant pain relief for things like sciatica, muscle cramps, arthritic joints


I bought this salve as a present for my girlfriend who has some spots of eczema she just started using it 2 days ago and wow the difference is very clear. Thank you people for selling a legit product will definitely be buying from y'all again soon.


Instant relief, amazing product! Definitely will be ordering again. Angela is also so helpful with any questions.