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We believe that good skin care is part of a healthy, balanced life.  We also believe that feeling beautiful starts on the inside, with a firm sense of self and a commitment to giving your body what it needs in order to heal itself & thrive. Our skin care products are formulated to enhance your natural beauty by nourishing and helping repair your skin.  Our other herbal products, as well as our words & our intentions are designed to encourage overall well-being.

Our skin care & topical products are made from raw, natural, cold pressed plant oils & seed butters and are infused with beneficial herbs & flowers.  We infuse our oils and make our own extracts because it's about more than just scent; it's about creating something useful.  A few of our products are very lightly enhanced with a careful selection of essential oils.  

Our teas, tinctures & other herbal products are carefully crafted with our favorite & most beneficial plant allies.  We truly believe that this beautiful earth we walk upon carries within her the knowledge & power to help us live our best lives...if we only listen.

We do not test our products on animals, nor do we use animal-derived ingredients in our products.  Our products are 100% plant based (vegan).

Many of our herbs & flowers are harvested or foraged by us.  Others are obtained from trusted foragers & suppliers.  We are committed to the responsible & sustainable sourcing of our ingredients and to giving back to the native communities from where they are obtained.  Since many of our plant oils & butters are purchased from around the world, we make sure that our suppliers adhere to the same fair trade and earth-friendly environmental guidelines that we do.

In giving back to our global community and to the Earth, we make regular contributions to various charities and non-profit organizations.  10% of each sale goes to supporting our global community through organizations such as KivaFarm SanctuaryCharity: Water, and Oxfam - as well as local organizations.