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herbal breast massage oil

herbal breast massage oil

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Formulated with locally foraged herbs & pine resin, this blend of herb infused nourishing oils was created to support a healthy relationship with your breasts, through all phases of your life; whether you've got tender breasts during your moon time, itchy breasts during menopause or if you simply want to maintain healthy breasts and promote a healthy lymphatic system.

Cleavers is helpful for cysts, as it helps ease breast congestion and promotes lymph drainage. Dandelion, douglas fir and ponderosa pine are helpful in relieving sore & tender breasts.  Chamomile & calendula are wonderful for relieving itchy, inflamed skin.  Red clover is great for promoting circulation.  All of these herbs have been chosen because of their usefulness in helping with a host of breast issues.


grapeseed oil*, cleavers*, dandelion*, ponderosa pine resin*, ponderosa pine needles*, douglas fir needles*, calendula*, chamomile*, red clover*, rose hips*


contains herbs that have been wild harvested by us

how to use

Apply a moderate amount of oil to your breasts while doing your regular breast self-exam or breast & lymphatic massage.  If you're not quite sure which technique to use, there are several good tutorial videos online.

Massage the oil in well and breathe in the beautiful scent of the herbs.

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